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After facing a world pandemic and a war in Ukraine, our economic, political, religious, and social systems are in crisis globally.​ Our societies are divided, and our conversations are directed towards intolerance, polarization, and even hate. Social media platforms have a direct impact on these trends. The lack of control over misinformation and violent discourses creates even more division.

Girls and young women are highly influenced by the information and images spread through social platforms and their communities. The perfect looks and lifestyles manufactured by influencers and brands for social media exposure are nothing but a distorted view of reality. This is harming girls’ psyches. Studies show increasing rates of stress, anxiety, and depression amongst youths. They struggle with body image and have an overall dissatisfaction with their lives. It’s difficult for them to socialize, feel supported, and accepted. How can we expect them to grow into strong, healthy, confident leaders of their own lives much less of communities, organizations, or potential families?

Girls need healthy models and legitimate empowerment now more than ever. They need an environment that encourages them to love and trust themselves and recognize their unique talents and leadership abilities. We need positive changes, and we need them now. These changes begin inside each one of us. We can’t control our environment nor the institutionalized power forces leading us to what seems like inevitable doom. But we can control one thing: ourselves.

Brave girls make a better world.

We need to teach new generations of girls to lead by trusting their inner wisdom and honoring their values and boundaries first, so they can in turn support others and lead humanity towards a better future.

This is why Brave Girl was born.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Helping girls and young women embrace their unique strengths to lead change in the world.


Our Vision

To improve the human experience by raising empowered girls and young women equipped with skills and passion to lead.

Call to Action

Brave Girl represents the perseverance it requires to grow from childhood into teenhood and adulthood fully utilizing your unique skills,  voice, and visions. When life gets tough, this is the moment you are invited into self-discovery, healing, and alignment with your soul's purpose. Being brave means that you hold on to what you know is right and heed that quiet but powerful voice from within that guides your journey. Brave Girls know that life can be hard, but with the right tools and support system, the other side of personal growth and development makes life so much sweeter, simpler, and more beautiful.

During high school, when I first started traveling and expanding the horizons of my world, I realized that girls from rural communities everywhere lived in similar cultural conditions as I did. Everywhere I went, gender roles were traditional and limiting. Diversity of any sort was seen as odd or perhaps even evil. I learned quickly how to abide by the rules of culture and society to a point where I burned out as a young adult and realized I was not leading my own life. Instead, other people were running my life through the expectations coded within me. What others expect and demand does not have to remain part of our stories.

Samantha Louise Headshot.png

Samantha Nelson

Founder of Brave Girl International

So regardless of a your background and origin story, I want to create a space for personal development, sisterhood, and sacred community support that I never had access to growing up in an isolated, traditional, rural community until I could make the choice on my own to get up, explore, and learn to rewrite the rules of my life.

I hope to evoke the hidden and suppressed inner world of girls and women who have never felt like it was okay to express themselves or set boundaries to demand that others honor their needs. I hope to engage the emotions and thought processes of girls who have lived as chameleons but dream of becoming true-to-selfers with a dream, a voice, and a mission to change the world as they know it. I encourage new participants to explore Brave Girl programming and invite connections to potential donors and grantmakers.

Welcome to Brave Girl!

We Need Your Support Today!

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